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The CAT Process

The Condominium Authority Tribunal (the CAT), is an online tribunal dedicated to resolving and deciding condominium-related disputes in Ontario.  The CAT has developed an online dispute resolution system (CAT-ODR) to help people resolve their disputes conveniently, quickly and affordably, while encouraging everyone to work together in healthy condominium communities.

The CAT’s Jurisdiction

The CAT can currently accept applications about the following types of disputes – click on each dispute type to learn more:

  1. Condominium Records
  • Includes disputes involving the records that condo corporations are required to keep under the Condominium Act, 1998, and which owners are entitled to access.
  1. Pets and Animals
  • Includes disputes involving nuisances caused by pets and other animals.
  1. Vehicles
  • Includes disputes involving cars, motorcycles, bikes, and other vehicles.
  1. Parking and Storage
  • Includes disputes involving the use of parking spaces and / or the storage of personal property in a unit or on the corporation’s common elements.
  1. Settlement Agreements
  • Includes disputes involving non-compliance with a settlement agreement from a previous CAT case.

The CAT Process

Before you file

Before you file an application with the CAT, you should read about your issue on the CAO’s Guided Steps to Common Issues and try the recommended solutions. If you’ve tried the solutions and now want to file with the CAT, start by reviewing the information about filing an application here.

The CAT Process

The CAT dispute resolution process has six main steps. Please click on each step below for more information, User Guides and FAQs.

1. Filing an Application

In this stage, you will tell us what the issues are and who is involved.

2. Delivering the Notice

Once you’ve filed your application, you must deliver a Notice to the Respondent so they can join.

3. Joining a Case

In this stage, the Respondent will join the case. Once they have joined, the case will automatically move into Stage 1 – Negotiation.

4. Stage 1 – Negotiation

In this stage, Users can work together to try and resolve the case between themselves.

5. Stage 2 – Mediation

In this stage, a CAT Mediator will join the case and try to help the Users resolve the case.

6. Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision

In this stage, a CAT Member will join the case and will make a decision that the users must follow.

After your case