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Roles & Responsibilities

What Condo Managers Do

Condo managers play a critical role by acting on behalf of the condo board in the management of day-to-day operational activities.


  • Managers are responsible for daily condo operations
  • They act as liaison between the owners and the board

What is a condo manager?

Condo managers play several important roles and are often considered the “glue” that holds the condo community together.

An effective condominium manager can be the difference between a well-run, financially viable, cohesive and happy condo community and one that is plagued by unexpected financial pressures, conflict and recurring issues. They also help the condo board achieve its strategic goals related to property value, quality of life and more.

Each condo corporation makes its own decisions about the role of the condo manager and their specific duties.

Here are some common duties:

  • Liaising between residents and the board
  • Providing expertise to the board
  • Managing owner contributions to common expenses
  • Attending or participating in condo board meetings
  • Managing documents and records
  • Managing banking and finances
  • Implementing an emergency management plan and responding to emergencies
  • Issuing meeting notices and reporting on the business of the condo corporation
  • Monitoring the status of the condo corporation’s insurance
  • Responding to owner or resident complaints
  • Overseeing the work of any third-party service providers or contractors

Section 17.0.1 of the Condo Act says that boards can only work with managers or management companies that are licensed by the CMRAO.

Role of CMRAO

Managers are regulated under the Condominium Management Services Act and must hold a licence issued by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

All managers are bound by a Code of Ethics set through regulation. The codes sets the general obligations of condo managers and condo management companies and promotes professionalism, reliability and quality of service.

Some of the requirements covered by the code include:

  • Treating people fairly, honestly and with integrity
  • Not engaging in acts of discrimination or harassment
  • Providing reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities
  • Providing reliable and responsive service while demonstrating knowledge, skill and competence
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Being financially responsible
  • Making best efforts to prevent error, fraud or any unethical practices;
  • Not accepting gifts from any person or company if a reasonable person might believe that the gift will influence the condo manager when providing management services
  • Not interfering with the reasonable use and enjoyment of common elements, the units or assets of the client
  • Promoting and protecting best interest of clients

The Code of Ethics is an important resource for condo owners, residents and boards of directors. If you believe that a condo manager or a management company has violated the Code of Ethics, you may wish to file a formal complaint.

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