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What We Do

What does the CAO do?

The Condominium Authority of Ontario is an organization that aims to improve condo living by providing services and resources for condo communities.

What We Do

  • Provide information and training about:
    • rights and responsibilities of condo owners
    • the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors and condo management
    • changes to the Condo Act that affect condo communities
  • Provide information on common issues to assist condo communities in proactively resolving issues
  • Provide a publicly available, searchable, online registry of all condominium corporations in the province, as may be required by regulation.
  • Host and provide access to the condominium forms which have been delegated by the Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery
  • Offer a new, online dispute-resolution process, called the Condominium Authority Tribunal and adjudicate disputes

Watch a video telling the story of the CAO, including the launch of our online services and online tribunal.

See a presentation about the CAO.

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