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Complaints Process

The Condominium Authority of Ontario is a consumer protection organization committed to improving condo living by providing information, education and dispute resolution. Individuals who have used our services may decide to file a formal complaint but should read the information on this page before doing so.


The CAO aims to review and respond to all complaints within 30 business days, though this may vary depending on the complexity of the complaint.

Here’s our process:

CAO Complaints Policy

For more information on our complaints criteria, please review the Complaints Policy. See our FAQ below to explore alternative ways to resolve issues listed above.

The CAO handles submissions about:

Services CAO has the mandate and jurisdiction to deliver

Conduct of CAO staff that occurred within the past 60 days

Conduct of CAT Members that occurred within the past 60 days

The CAO does not handle submissions about:

Local condo board governance issues or issues within a condo corporation

Condo manager or condo management company

Is related to and/or is a request to review, appeal, or dispute an adjudicative direction, decision or order in a CAT case

Conduct of a Tribunal member if the complainant was not a party or representative involved in the case

Is related to an active case before the Tribunal

Complaints that have already been addressed in a previous complaint

Filing a Complaint

Here are the steps:


  1. Confirm that your complaint falls within the criteria of the Complaints Policy.
  2. Gather everything you need:
    • Your name and email address or mailing address.
    • The name of the relevant CAO staff, service, or Tribunal Member to which the complaint relates.
    • The details and reasons for the complaint. Include the dates, times and any copies of any correspondence related to the event, where applicable.
    • The Tribunal case number, if applicable.
  3. Submit your complaint:
    • By email at: [email protected]
    • By mail at:
      Complaints Officer
      Condominium Authority of Ontario
      PO Box 69038 RPO, St. Clair Centre
      Toronto ON  M4T 3A1


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