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Dispute Resolution

File an Application

The Condominium Authority Tribunal uses an online dispute resolution system to help people resolve their condo-related disputes conveniently, quickly and affordably.

You must have a personal CAO account to file or join a CAT case.


  • You must create an account to file a case.
  • The Tribunal can only hear cases within its jurisdiction.
  • The Tribunal’s jurisdiction is set by the Ontario government.

The Tribunal’s jurisdiction

The CAT can accept applications about the following types of disputes:

  1. Condominium Records
  2. Compliance with Settlement Agreements
  3. Disputes about provisions in a condo corporation’s governing documents involving pets and animals, vehicles, parking and storage.
  4. Disputes about unreasonable nuisances, annoyances, or disruptions or provisions in a condo corporation’s governing documents regarding noise, odour, light, vibrations, smoke and vapour.
  5. Disputes about any other type of nuisance, annoyance or disruption set out in provisions in a condo corporation’s governing documents.
  6. Disputes about provisions in a condo corporation’s governing documents involving indemnification or compensation relating to points 3, 4 and 5 above

Creating an Account

Each person needs only one account to access all CAO services.

Condo corporations have profiles, not accounts, for this online system. Their profiles can be associated with accounts set up by individuals who have the ability to act on behalf of the corporation.

Make sure you use an email address to which you will always have access when you create an account. You may be unable to log into your account if you lose access to the associated email address.

Create an online account to file an application with the Tribunal.

Before you File

Before filing an application with the Tribunal, you should:

  • Read all the information about your issue on the CAO’s Steps to Solve Issues and try all of the solutions recommended in Step 3.
  • Decide if you want to file the application yourself or if you want someone else to do so on your behalf. You can also review the CAT’s Representatives Guide for more information.

Click on your type of issue to begin!


An interactive filing checklist asks a series of questions about your dispute.

Your answers to these questions will determine if you meet the requirements to file your application. Simply answer Yes or No to all questions.

Click on “What does this mean” if you are unsure how to respond or require more information.

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