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Dispute Resolutions

Tribunal Decisions and Orders

The Condominium Authority Tribunal publishes its decisions and orders publicly so condo communities can learn about how the CAT resolves issues and learn more about harmonious living.


  • CAT decisions and orders are available online.

Information on decisions and orders

The Tribunal publishes:

  • Decisions: binding and generally issued in Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision.
  • Consent orders: A binding order issued by the Tribunal but based on what the parties agree to, generally during Stage 1 – Negotiation and Stage 2 – Mediation.
  • Other orders: the Tribunal publishes orders about cases it has dismissed as well as some procedural orders that are in the public interest.

The Tribunal does not publish:

  • settlement agreements
  • most types of procedural orders, such as orders to close a case after one of the parties withdraws.

The Tribunal’s decisions and consent orders are binding so parties must follow them. Otherwise, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice can enforce them. For more information on enforcing orders, see our After Your Case page.

Protecting Personal Information in Decisions and Orders

The Tribunal generally does not anonymize the names of any parties, representatives or witnesses. It also does not restrict public access to a decision, order or any records from proceedings. This follows the open courts principle set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and CAT’s Rules of Practice.

You can request that the Tribunal take steps, give directions or issue orders to protect the confidentiality of personal information by restricting access to case records or request that names or other information of individuals be anonymous.

How to Search for Decisions and Orders

All Tribunal decisions and orders are publicly available and free of charge. You can view the Tribunal’s most recently published decisions and orders or browse through all decisions and orders. You can search decisions by key words, date or dispute type.

Conduct a simple search for Tribunal decisions and orders using the search bar to find all decisions that contain a specific word, phrase, name or date, specific party, representative or decision-maker.

Conduct an advanced search for more options such as finding decisions and orders:

  • published during a certain time period by using the date fields
  • involving a specific party or representative by using the representatives or parties fields
  • issued by a specific Tribunal member by using the decision-maker field

Some boxes on the advanced search page contain options. Click on one of the boxes to see all available search terms.

Once you have applied your search filters, click the search button to see your results.

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