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Tribunal process

Filing an application

You can begin the process by filing through the CAT’s Online Dispute Resolution System. Follow these steps below:


Tribunal process

Start your application

  1. Start by logging in or creating a new CAO account.
    • Board directors or managers filing on behalf of their corporation must use the account associated with their corporation’s CAO profile.
  2. Access the File an application page
  3. Select your dispute type using the drop-down menu and click “File New Application”
  4. You will be asked to answer a few questions. Complete this application checklist.

Identify the parties


This is the party that files an application with the Tribunal to resolve a dispute. Only unit owners, mortgagees and condo corporations can file applications with CAT.

You are still considered the applicant even if a representative files for you.

You can file by yourself or jointly with someone else if you are filing an application about a nuisance, annoyance, disruption or a provision in your condo corporation’s governing documents.

Make sure that the other applicants are willing to be a part of your application before you add them. Only add another applicant if they have the same issue as you and if you have discussed and agreed to file an application together. File separate applications if you have a different issue from another applicant.



This is who you are filing against. You must identify them in the application.

A unit owner or mortgagee can file an application against any combination of:

  • One or more other unit owners
  • One or more occupants of a unit
  • Their condominium corporation.

Tribunal process

A condominium corporation can file an application against any combination of unit owners or occupants.

Tribunal process

Here are a few examples:

  • An owner can file against another unit owner and the unit’s current occupant
  • An owner can file against another owner and the condo corporation
  • A corporation can file against two or more owners
  • Tenants cannot file applications with the CAT

Who you can file against will depend on your dispute. The respondent is:

  • Usually, your condo corporation if your application is about records.
  • The parties that did not comply if your application is about non-compliance with a settlement agreement.

Review the CAT’s Guide to Respondents and Intervenors for more information.

The Tribunal cannot accept applications filed against a manager or management services provider. Condo managers act on behalf of corporations. You may be able to file against the corporation if you have an issue with the manager. For example, you may be able to file a records case if your condo manager did not provide you with records.



An Intervenor is a person or legal entity that can participate in a Tribunal case.

You must identify all Intervenors when you file an application about an unreasonable nuisance, annoyance or disruption, or a provision in your condo corporation’s governing documents.

Review the CAT’s Guide to Respondents and Intervenors for more information.

Complaints against managers are handled by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

Describe the issue

The Tribunal’s Online Dispute Resolution system will ask you to identify your issues from a list and provide additional details. This information will be shared with the Tribunal and all other parties. Focus on important details so the CAT and the other users know what the application is about.


Optional: Add documents

You can add any documents that you think may be useful to your application. You will have another opportunity to upload documents again once the CAT accepts your application. Other parties will be able to view and download these files.

You should upload a copy of your Request for Records form and any responses you receive if your application is about records.

You should add a copy of the condo corporation’s declaration, by-laws and rules if your application is about a provision in your corporation’s governing documents relating to pets, animals, parking, storage, vehicles, or indemnification.

Submit your application

All applicants must join the application and vote to file it for the case to be submitted. The primary applicant can complete the application and officially file once all votes are in.

There is a non-refundable $25 filing fee to file an application with the CAT.

The Tribunal will then review your application.

  • We will accept the application and you will be prompted to deliver the notice to the other users if your application includes all the necessary information.
  • We may ask for more details if we see there is missing information
Ready to file a new application?


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