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Fees and finances

Common Expenses Fees

Common expenses fees (also known as condo fees and maintenance fees) are used for maintaining the condo corporation’s common elements, contributions to the reserve fund, and paying for important services such as cleaning, building maintenance and condo management services.


  • Common expenses represent the financial obligation that is shared among all owners and are crucial in ensuring the operation and maintenance of a condo corporation
  • Other ownership expenses may include special assessments and chargebacks

How condo fees are calculated

Your condo corporation’s declaration sets out the proportions of your contribution. The proportion is a percentage and may vary by the size of an owner’s condo unit.

Generally, you can arrive at the amount of your contribution by of multiplying the condo corporation’s annual budget against these proportions.

Read more on our page on Special Assessments.

What is a Special Assessment?

A condo corporation creates a budget for every fiscal year and must find a way to cover its expenses if there is a budget shortfall. Large shortfalls can force the corporation to assess an extra one-time charge to each condo unit, known as a special assessment. Special assessments can occur for many reasons, including unforseen repairs or the corporation losing a court case. 

What Are Chargebacks?

Condo corporations in some instances may add or “charge back” costs that the condo corporation has incurred to the common expenses payable for an owner’s condo unit.

Chargebacks are typically done when a condo corporation has incurred costs due to an act or omission by an owner and help to ensure that those costs are not passed onto the other owners. The Condominium Act sets out specific situations in which condo corporations can charge back certain costs to the common expenses payable for an owner’s condo unit. Condo corporations may also add costs to the common expenses in accordance with the condo corporation’s declaration.

More information is available by reading the Condo Authority’s page on chargebacks.

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