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Filing Requirements

File a Return

All condominium corporations are legally required to file condo returns with the Condominium Authority of Ontario. Condo returns can be broken down into four categories depending on the date the condo corporation was created.


  • Condo corporations must file returns with the Condominium Authority of Ontario
  • Corporations must pay penalties for late filings

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Create an Account and Manage Your Condo Corporation Profile

You will require an account with full access privileges if you are the designated individual in your corporation who is filing. For more assistance, check out our guide to creating accounts.


Review our filing guides

The Condo Authority has developed multiple guides to help you file condo returns and notices of change. These guides include step-by-step instructions and helpful screenshots to assist you with the filing process:

Helpful guides

Before Filing

Includes information on what returns are, how they are used and who can file.

During Filing

Step by step instructions on filing.

After Filing

How to view previous returns and pay invoices.


How to resolve the most common issues.


Gather Your Information

The process of filing a condo return or a notice of change will require you to provide specific information about your condo corporation. As such, you will need to gather the most up-to-date information about your condo corporation before you file. For more information on what you need to know before you file condo returns or notices of change, check out our Summary of the Information Required for Condo Returns and Notices of Change.

File a Return

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Invoices & late filings

The Condo Authority invoices corporations for the appropriate filing period after the corporation has filed and accepts payment by credit, debit, Google Pay, direct deposit or cheque. The CAO charges condo corporations a $200 late filing fee for each overdue return.

Condo corporations that do not file their condo returns may also have a Registrar’s Certificate issued against them. This document appears on the Condo Registry’s entry for the condo corporation.

Condo corporations with outstanding condo returns and assessment fees cannot launch a proceeding before the Condominium Authority Tribunal or a court in Ontario without the court’s permission.

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