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Filing Requirements

File a Notice of Change

Condo corporations must file a notice of change when there is a change or correction to information already filed in a condo return.


  • Condo corporations are required to update information on their condo return by filing a notice of change
  • There are some mandatory questions to be filled out when filing a notice of change
  • A special notice of change is required in some cases

Mandatory questions

Corporations must submit a notice of change when important information filed in a condo return has changed or needs to be corrected. Several mandatory questions need to be answered as part of the filing process.

See below for some helpful info on how to do this:

And here’s an explanation of common terms found in mandatory questions

Special Notice of Change

You can use this form to signal any important changes to:

  • Land Registry Office registration date of the condo corporation
  • Number of units or voting units of the corporation
  • Unit information changes for phased condo corporations.

Once processed, these changes appear on the condo corporation’s profile in the condo registry.

You must right click and save the form to be able to open it:


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