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Boards & Governance

Director Training

Condominium directors have important responsibilities, duties and obligations. Directors must complete the training within six months of being elected, appointed, or re-elected unless they have completed the training within the preceding 7 years. 

The online training is available to anyone at anytime and includes 21 easy-to-follow e-modules that cover important topics and can be taken at your own pace.

The CAO also offers an advanced optional training on six important topics: Condominium governance, emergency planning & preparedness, finance, issues management, overseeing condominium managers and procurement.

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  • CAO offers a mandatory, online training for condo directors that directors are expected to complete within six months of being appointed or elected
  • The easy-to-follow course has individual modules to help directors govern and carry out their responsibilities

Start the training

Log in to your CAO account using the email address your condo corporation provided to the CAO. Do not create a second account or use a different email address or system will not be able to properly track the successful completion of the training.

The training is mandatory for directors but we encourage condo owners and others to take it as well.

Condo directors should check if they have received an e-mail invitation from CAO to create an account. Please follow those instructions before you sign-up. An email invitation is sent to a director when the condo corporation adds their name to the corporation’s profile when filing a Condo Return or Notice of Change.

Here’s what the training covers:

Foundational Education

Fundamentals and the legal framework of condo corporations

Board of Directors

Roles, responsibilities, leadership, meetings and corporate records

Financial Management

Fundamentals, reserve funds, annual statements, liens and insurance

Physical Integrity of the Condo

Common elements, maintenance and procurement

Different Types of Certificates

Information and status certificates


Roles of the Condo Authority, Condo Tribunal and Condo Management Regulatory Authority

Advanced training

Here is what is covered in the advanced training

Condominium Governance

Board structure, composition and culture, governance vs. operations, by-laws and risk management.

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Responding to serious threats to health, life, property or the environment


Decisions about budgeting, financial statements and reserve funds

Issues Management

Monitor, identify and resolve issues before they escalate

Overseeing Condominium Managers

Role of condo managers, how to obtain condo management services and how to oversee, develop or terminate management services


Purchasing goods or services for the condo corporation

Director Training

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Access training

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