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CAO Guide to Virtual Owners’ Meeting

Condominium corporations hold many different types of meetings. Some meetings such as board meetings are only attended by the board of directors, but others are open to all owners. This guide covers a range of subjects such as preparing for virtual owners’ meetings, voting procedures as well as running hybrid and proxy meetings.

About the guide

The Condo Authority has developed this guide to help condo corporations understand different formats and alternative methods for holding owners’ meetings.

The guide has information on how to plan and execute phone and virtual owners’ meetings.

If your condo corporation has such a by-law, then you must continue to follow the requirements in that.




This section of the guide provides an overview of the different types of owners’ meetings such as AGMs, owner-requisitioned, turn-over and owners’ meetings.


How to prepare for an electronic owners' meeting

This section provides information on:

  • The type of electronic platforms
  • Accommodation requests
  • Serving notices
  • Quorum requirements
  • Proxies for electronic meetings
  • Registering and organizing the attendees
  • Role of the condo board, condo manager and moderator
  • Logistics and rehearsal


Voting at an electronic meeting

Electronic meetings that involve voting via a telephone or other electronic means are a good alternative for in-person meetings. The meetings also provide opportunities for owners who may have not previously participated in one.

This section of the guide has details on the different methods of voting such as:

  • Show-of-hands
  • Recorded votes marked on an electronic ballot
  • Mailed ballot
  • Voting by proxy
  • Commercial e-voting systems


Using additional meeting formats

Part 4 of the guide lists several meeting formats such as hybrid and proxy-only meetings. It also covers:

  • Additional considerations for calling and holding a hybrid meeting
  • Additional considerations for calling and holding a proxy-only meeting
  • Next steps


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