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Dispute Resolution

About the Tribunal

The Condominium Authority Tribunal is Canada’s first online tribunal and is dedicated to helping condo owners and corporations resolve disputes conveniently, quickly and affordably.

The Tribunal can help you resolve disputes related to condo records, noise, odours, light, vibration, smoke, vapour, pets, animals, vehicles, parking, storage, other types of nuisances, and compliance with CAT settlement agreements.


  • You can resolve condo related issues quickly and affordably through the CAT.
  • The Tribunal’s jurisdiction is set out in the Condo Act.

How the tribunal helps

The Tribunal’s online dispute resolution system helps condo owners and corporations avoid expensive arbitration or lengthy court proceedings while resolving disputes collaboratively.

You can represent yourself using the Tribunal’s three-stage process of negotiation, mediation and adjudication.

Check out our Steps to solve issues pages before filing an application with the Tribunal and read more about previous Tribunal decisions and orders.

The Tribunal’s rules, policies and guides also outline how the Tribunal operates and tell you what you need to know when you are involved in a dispute.

Tribunal costs

The Tribunal’s three-stage dispute resolution services are offered at a total cost of $200 which includes:

The person filing the application pays for each stage individually, ensuring they only pay for the services they need.

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