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Tribunal process

Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision

A CAT Member will be assigned to conduct an online hearing. Parties will have a chance to provide evidence and arguments, and to call any witnesses. The Member will then make a decision and write a final order, which the parties must follow.

Tribunal process


The CAT Member assigned to the case will conduct an online hearing through the Online Dispute Resolution system.

During the hearing, the Member assigned to the case will ask the parties to provide their evidence and arguments about why they think the Member should make a decision in their favour. Parties will also have an opportunity to identify witnesses that can provide evidence about the issues in dispute.

CAT members assigned to a case will control how and when the parties can exchange messages and add documents. This means the Stage 3 process can vary from case to case. Parties should monitor the case for instructions from the Member.

Members will make a final and binding decision based on the facts of the case and the law.

You can read past decisions to get a sense of how the CAT operates.

Settlement offers from Stages 1 and 2

Previous settlement offers will remain confidential and cannot be shared with the Tribunal member presiding over the case. This both ensures that parties can work as openly as possible towards a resolution in previous stages and does not bias the member in
Stage 3.


All decisions are posted publicly on the CAO’s website. The decision will be written by the member and will include a summary of the facts of your case and member’s reason for their decision.

Any messages, documents or other material posted in the online dispute resolution system in Stage 3 are considered adjudicative records and are part of the proceeding. This means that these documents may be made public upon request in accordance with the CAO’s Access and Privacy Policy.

The CAT can take steps, give directions or issue orders to protect the confidentiality of personal information or restrict public access to adjudicative records or decisions in accordance with the CAT’s Rules of Practice.


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