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Boards & Governance

Become a Director

Thinking of getting involved in your condominium corporation by joining its board of directors? You’ll need to learn about the role of a director, their qualifications and responsibilities. The Condo Authority provides free, online mandatory training to prepare directors for making a difference in their condo community.


  • Directors are ultimately responsible for running the condo corporation
  • The CAO’s training is valid for 7 years

What directors do

Condo board directors have important responsibilities. They manage the assets of the condo corporation, ensure their community remains harmonious and vibrant, ensure the community complies with the Act & governing documents and they look out for the interests of owners who elect them.

Directors must meet a standard of care as defined in the Condo Act and run the corporation according to governance best practices.

Director training

Directors must complete CAO’s mandatory training within six months of being elected, appointed, or re-elected unless they have completed the training within the preceding 7 years.

The CAO provides foundational mandatory training online at no cost for directors and to anyone who is interested. The training takes between 3 to 6 hours to complete and is made up of 21 e-modules.. Modules don’t have to be done all at once, are easy to follow and include knowledge checks.  


Foundational Mandatory Training

Foundational Education

Fundamentals and the legal framework of condo corporations

Board of Directors

Roles, responsibilities, leadership, meetings and corporate records

Financial Management

Fundamentals, reserve funds, annual statements, liens and insurance

Physical Integrity of the Condo

Common elements, maintenance and procurement

Different Types of Certificates

Information and status certificates


Roles of the Condo Authority, Condo Tribunal and Condo Management Regulatory Authority


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Foundational Mandatory Training

Advanced Optional Training

CAO also provides advanced optional training on six important topics. This training is best taken in conjunction with CAO’s Best Practices Guides that provide in-depth information on each of the six topic areas. Advanced training can only be completed following completion of the foundational director training modules.


Condominium Governance

Board structure, composition and culture, governance vs. operations, by-laws and risk management.

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Responding to serious threats to health, life, property or the environment


Decisions about budgeting, financial statements and reserve funds

Issues Management

Monitor, identify and resolve issues before they escalate

Overseeing Condominium Managers

Role of condo managers, how to obtain condo management services and how to oversee, develop or terminate management services


Purchasing goods or services for the condo corporation


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Advanced Optional Training

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