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What fees does the CAO charge?

The Condominium Authority of Ontario provides support and several essential services to support condominium communities in every region of the province.

Assessments fees

The CAO’s operations are primarily funded by condo fees paid by condo owners and collected from condo corporations in Ontario. The assessment fees that corporations pay are calculated based on the equivalent of $1 per voting unit per month.

The CAO uses these fees to provide:

Section 1.30 (5) of the Condo Act states that the total assessment fee for each condo corporation is to be added to the common expenses.

Individual condo owners are to be charged based on the percentage that they contribute to the common expenses as set out in the condominium corporation’s declaration.

Condominium Authority Tribunal fees

The CAO administers the Condominium Authority Tribunal, an online tribunal dedicated to helping resolve common condo living disputes conveniently, quickly, and affordably.

Parties wishing to file CAT cases must pay an initial $25 fee and a separate fee for each stage of the CAT process.

Stage 1 – Negotiation begins as soon as the case is accepted. Parties can then decide to move to Stage 2 – Mediation, which happens when the applicant pays the $50 mediation fee.

Parties that cannot resolve their dispute in Stage 2 can then move to Stage 3 – Adjudication when the applicant pays the $125 fee.

Tribunal fees:

  • $25 filing fee 
  • $50 Stage 2 – Mediation Fee 
  • $125 Stage 3 – Tribunal decision fee

Recovering Tribunal fees

If a case is not resolved by Settlement Agreement or Consent Order and a CAT Member makes a final decision to resolve the dispute, the unsuccessful party will typically be required to reimburse the successful party for their CAT fees, unless the CAT Member decides otherwise.

While the CAT generally will not order one party to reimburse another party for legal fees or costs, the CAT may order a party to reimburse another party for all or part of their costs, including costs directly related to behavior that was unreasonable, for an improper purpose, or that caused a delay or additional expense.


The Tribunal fees are not refundable.

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