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Tribunal process

Joining a Case

Parties must join their case using our dispute resolution system after receiving a CAT notice. A case will continue without your input if you do not join online.

Tribunal process

Determine who will join the case

Parties should determine who will join the case after receiving a notice from the Tribunal.

Unit owners or residents can join the case themselves or have a lawyer, paralegal, or other representative join on their behalf.

A condo corporation can have a director, manager, lawyer or paralegal join on its behalf.

We strongly recommend that the board of directors discuss and decide who will join on behalf of the corporation. Condo representatives must have the authority to act on behalf of the condo corporation and enough information about the issues to be able to participate in the dispute resolution process.

Join a case

Log in to an existing CAO account or create a new CAO account to join a case.

  • Click on “Login” at the top-right side of the CAO webpage to get started.
  • Board directors and managers must use an account associated with their condo corporation’s CAO profile.

Identify your role

The next step is to identify your role in the case.

If you are an owner, occupant, representative, lawyer or paralegal:

  • Select “Myself”

If you are a condo manager or member of the condo corporation’s board of directors

  • Select “Representative of a condo corporation” and make sure you select the correct condo corporation from the drop down

Use your invitation

Enter the code and the date exactly as it appears in the notice you received in your email.

A notice is meant to be used by a specific person. Make sure you are using your unique code when you join the case.

Confirm or update your contact information

The contact information you see on the screen was provided by the person who filed the application. You can either confirm or update this information.

Representatives will be asked to provide additional detail about themselves.

You have joined the case as soon as you confirm your contact information.

The case will move to Stage 1 – Negotiation once everyone has joined.

Note: You only need to join the case once. Next time you want to access a case you should do so by clicking on Access an existing tribunal case.


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