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CAO Guide on Annual Condo Act Requirements

Condominium corporations have legal obligations under the Condo Act. Learn what they are and access tools and resources to help condo boards and directors comply.


Legislative framework

This part of the guide sets out many of the regularly occurring legal requirements for condo corporations. It includes general descriptions, references to the Condo Act and specific deadlines for obligations such as:

  • Holding AGMs
  • Issuing periodic information certificates
  • Creating annual budgets
  • Filing returns
  • Appointing auditors
  • Creating financial statements


Best practices

The best practices section of the guide outlines processes and procedures that condo boards may adopt to help their condo corporation operate efficiently such as:

  • Creating an annual plan
  • Conducting vendor and service reviews
  • Collecting owner feedback


Additional resources and tools

The guide provides additional information about resources, such as:


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