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CAO Filing Requirements

Condominium corporations in Ontario are legally obligated to file returns and notices of change with the CAO. The information corporations file is publicly available in the CAO’s Condo Registry.


  • Condo corps must file returns and notices of change
  • The information you file is posted on the CAO’s Condo Registry

Summary of Info Required for Returns and NOCs

What are condo returns?

Returns are forms containing basic information about the condo such as the date it was created, its service address and who is currently in its board of directors. Corporations must file these with the CAO to update this information in our publicly available database. This information is also used to determine annual assessment fees that corporations must pay while providing important information to the public about your condo.

There are 4 kinds of returns:

Annual return

Required annually by all corporations between Jan. 1 and March 31 of each year.

Initial return

A one-time filing done within 90 days of a corporation being created.

Transitional return

Within 90 days of being created for all corporations created before Jan. 1, 2018.

Turn-over return

Required by corporations where a turn-over meeting was held on or after Jan 1, 2018, within 90 days of the meeting.

What is a Notice of Change?

Condo corporations must file a notice of change with the Condo Authority when certain important information filed in a condo return changes or needs to be corrected. This information includes:

  • Legal name of the condo corporation
  • Registration date with the land registry office
  • Type of condo corporation
  • Total number of voting units
  • Maximum number of votes that can be cast an owners’ meeting
  • Turn over meeting date
  • Name of the declarant (usually the builder or landowner)
  • The dates of the condo corporation’s fiscal year
  • Date and fiscal year of the last AGM
  • Court appointment inspector or administrator
  • Board of Director positions and changes
  • Changes to the condo manager or management provider
  • Changes to the representative or non director officers

A notice of change must be filed within 30 days of the change and must indicate what has changed and when the change took effect.

Who can file?

The Condo Act allows the following individuals to file on behalf of a condo corporation:

A director or officer of the condo corporation

A licensed condo management provider

A condo corporation’s lawyer, accountant or other individual having knowledge of the affairs of the condo corporation

Fees and charges

The Condo Authority issue invoices to each condo corporation based on the information provided in their condo returns. Assessment fees are $1 per voting unit per month.

Assessment fees must be passed on to individual owners through condo fees based on proportions set out in each condo corporation’s declaration.

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