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Condo Returns Guide: During Filing

Condo corporations are legally required to file returns with the Condo Authority of Ontario.

Learn more about condo returns and the 12-step process for filing a return.

What are condo returns?

A condo return is a document which includes specific information about the condo corporation such as the date it was registered, its address for service and information about the condo board of directors.

Read the CAO’s article on condo returns to learn more about types of condo returns, frequency and deadlines.

The filing process

  1. Create an account or log in– You will need an account and the ability to act on behalf of your condo corporation to file condo returns or notices of change. Learn how to create an account.
  2. Review the Condo Authority’s filing guides:
  3. Gather your information — You’ll need to provide specific, current information about your condo corporation, outlined in this Summary of the Information Required for Condo Returns and Notices of Change.
  4. File your condo return or notice of change.


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