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Summary of Information Required for Condo Returns and Notices of Change

For detailed information on condo returns and notices of change, please see the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Condo Act”) and Ontario Regulation 377/17 (O. Reg. 377/17).


Information Required





Notice of Change

Public Registry

Full Legal Name of the Condo Corporation – the name that was assigned to the condo corporation by the Land Registry Office.


Registration Date – the date the declaration and description for the condo corporation were registered with the Land Registry Office. 

Type of Condo Corporation – an indication of whether the condo corporation is freehold or leasehold. If the condo corporation is freehold, an additional indication of whether the condo corporation is standard, common elements, or vacant land.

Total Number of Units and Voting Units – number of total units and units to which owners may cast a vote at an owners’ meeting. 


An indication of how the units are used (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). 


If the condo corporation was registered as a phased condo corporation, the condo corporation will be required to provide information on any phases registered after September 1st, 2017. *


Note: This does not apply to common elements condominium corporations.


Maximum Number of Votes – the total number of votes that can be cast at any given owners’ meeting.

An indication of the use or purpose of the common elements.*

Note: This is for common elements condominium corporations only.


Date of the Turn-over Meeting (if held on or after January 1, 2018)


Name of the Declarant


Condominium Corporation Fiscal Year Start and End Dates


Date of Last Annual General Meeting


Fiscal Year for the Annual General Meeting – if a condo corporation has held at least one annual general meeting, the condo corporation will be required to indicate the fiscal year that the most recent annual general meeting was held. 




Court-Appointed Inspector or Administrator – the name and address for service of the inspector/administrator and the date of the Superior Court of Justice Order, if applicable.


Address Information – all address information for the condo corporation including the address for service, email address for service*, and a municipal address (if any).

Condo Board of Directors – the number of positions on the condo board and the name, officer role (e.g., president, secretary, etc.), and the effective date of election/appointment for each director.

Condominium Management Service Provider or Condominium Manager (if any) – name and address for service of any condo management companies and/or condo managers providing condo management services to the condo corporation.

Other Representatives (if any) – name and title of the representative



Non-Director Officers (if any) – If a condo corporation has any non-director officers, the condo corporation will be required to provide the name, officer role, term start date, and email address for these individuals. 



Single-Owner Identification – Condo corporations will be required to indicate if one owner owns all or most of the units. 





*Not displayed on the Public Registry

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