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Parking and Storage

How to Deal with a Parking or Storage Issue

Living in a condo means sharing common spaces in a respectful way.

Step 1. Identify the issue

Here’s some common examples of parking and storage issues:


Parking prohibited vehicles

Improper use of visitor parking

Access to accessible parking

Parking in the wrong space

Using parking spaces for other purposes

Obstructing use of a parking space

Storing personal belongings in common areas

Storing dangerous, explosive or flammable materials


The condo corporation’s declaration, by-laws, rules will almost always set out what is and what is not allowed when it comes to parking and storage.

Parking and storage disputes often relate to what these documents say, what they mean and how they are enforced.

We encourage condo communities to work collaboratively to resolve parking and storage issues before they escalate. Continue to next step to find out more

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