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How to deal with harassment

Living in a condominium community means you often interact with other unit owners, occupants and professionals hired by the corporation.

Harassment can be any unwelcome, threatening or discriminatory interaction with other residents, condo staff or board members. It often involves multiple interactions that occur over time but single incidents can also be considered harassment.

Step 1. Identify the issue

Harassment in condo corporations is a serious matter so there are often specific rules that prohibit harassment and other types of aggressive or problematic behaviour. You can find your condo corporation’s rules about harassment in their governing documents which you can request at any time.

Common harassment issues:

Making derogatory, humiliating or discriminatory comments to a unit owner or occupant

Publicly posting derogatory, humiliating or discriminatory comments in the condo building


Persistent or repeated attempts to contact another unit owner or occupant by phone or email

Provoking or inciting verbal or physical confrontations with another unit owner or occupant.

Resolving harassment issues often requires the involvement of the condo corporation or, in very serious cases, the police whom you should contact if you are experiencing harassment and believe that you are being threatened, are at risk of being harmed or are at risk of having your property or the condo corporation’s property damaged.

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