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How to deal with a light issue

Excessive or inadequate light can be an issue in condo communities.

For example, light from outside sources or the common elements may enter the unit and become a nuisance. Common elements may also be poorly lit, causing a different kind of light issue.

Step 1. Identify the issue

Light in condo corporations can become a nuisance if a light source is excessively bright, persistent and disruptive; or if there is not enough light where it is needed. Common sources of light can come from other residents’ units, from the common elements, or from an external source such as neighboring buildings.

Light can be considered a nuisance if it’s persistent and disruptive.

Here are some common examples:

Neighbouring units

Lights created from neighbouring units, yard or balconies

Common elements

Insufficient lighting in the common elements, parking or storage areas

External sources

Light from outside sources such as streetlights, construction or nearby buildings

Renovation work

Repairs or maintenance such as broken bulbs and light fixtures in the common elements

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