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How to Deal with a Noise Issue

Living in a condominium means you may sometimes hear noises coming from other units or common areas. Some sounds are an unavoidable normal part of everyday life. But what can you do when persistent noise becomes an issue? The Condo Act protects you from unreasonable nuisances, including noise.

Step 1. Identify the issue

Noise can be considered a nuisance if it is excessively loud, persistent and disruptive. Common sources include another resident, a utility, an amenity, piping, ventilation, or an external source, such as construction.

Here’s some common examples:


People walking or running


Neighbors talking or arguing


Slamming doors throughout the building


Dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, etc.


Meowing, barking, chirping, singing, etc.

Music and TV

Especially bothersome late at night.


Drilling, hammering, etc.


We encourage condo communities to work collaboratively to resolve noise issues before they escalate. Continue to next step to find out more.

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