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File an application with the Tribunal

The Condominium Authority Tribunal is an online tribunal dedicated to resolving condo disputes conveniently, quickly and affordably. You may be able to file an application with the Tribunal after you’ve tried everything else, your issue still hasn’t been resolved and your condo corporation’s governing documents prohibit harassment.

How can the Tribunal help resolve my dispute?

The Tribunal has a three-stage dispute resolution process:

Stage 1 – Negotiation

You work with other parties to resolve issue

Stage 2 – Mediation

You work with a Tribunal mediator to resolve issues

Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision

The Tribunal conducts an online hearing and issues an order to resolve issues.

Who can file a harassment-related application with the Tribunal?

Unit owners, mortgagees and condo corporations can file applications with the Tribunal for a $25 non-refundable fee.

What kinds of disputes can be filed with the Tribunal?

The Tribunal can deal with disputes about the harassment provisions in your condo corporation’s governing documents including compliance, consistency, applicability and related compensation.

The Condo Authority Tribunal

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