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Condominium Authority Tribunal Application Checklist: Records

Welcome to the Condominium Authority Tribunal’s Application Checklist! Fill this out before you apply to make sure you are in the right place.

1. Have you read the information about your issue on the Solving Common Issues pages?

We strongly recommend you read this information before you file.

What does this mean?

Our Solving Common Issues pages contain important information about how to resolve condo living issues before they escalate. 

2. Does your application deal with a records issue?

You cannot to file this type of application. Go back to the previous page and choose a different type of application.

What does this mean?

Ontario Regulation 179/17 gives the CAT jurisdiction over records disputes. Here are some examples:

  • You submitted a Request for Records and your condo corporation did not respond
  • Your corporation refused to provide you with a record you believe you are entitled to
  • You disagree with the fee the corporation is charging.
  • You believe that the condo’s records are not adequate
  • You believe that the condo is not keeping certain records or are not keeping them for long enough

3. Have you identified the right respondents?

You must identify the Respondents to file an application with the CAT.

What does this mean?

The respondent in records cases is normally the condominium corporation. Every condo corporation has a legal name that you must provide when filing an application. All corporations in Ontario have one of two standard formats.

Corporations created before May 2001:

  • Municipality or Region + “Condominium Corporation No.” + Number
  • Example: Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 123

After May 2001:

  • Municipality or Region + Condominium Type + “Condominium Corporation No.” + Number
  • Example: Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation No. 123

Check your condo corporation’s governing documents to find its legal name. 

Respondents must be notified about your application so they can join the case and respond to the issues you are raising. The CAT may issue an order without them if they refuse to join.

4. Is your application about getting access to records?

What does this mean?

You should answer “No” if your issue relates to how your condo is keeping records, the fee you are being asked to pay for records, or if you believe your condo’s records are inadequate.

See more about records.

4.1 Did you request the records using the mandatory form

You must use the mandatory Request for Records form to request records from your condominium corporation. You can only file this type of application if you have made a request using the mandatory form.

What does this mean?

This requirement is set out in section 13.3(3) of Ontario Regulation 48/01

4.2 Did your condo corporation respond to your request?

What does this mean?

Your condo corporation must respond to your request within 30 days using the mandatory Board’s Response to Request for Records form. You can still file if your board responded but did not use the form.

4.2.1 Did your corporation respond within the past 60 days? 

Your request is considered abandoned if its been more than 60 days. Make another request with your condo before you file a CAT application.

What does this mean?

4.2.2 Has it been at least 30 days since your sent your request? 

You must give your corporation 30 days to respond.

What does this mean?

You can file after the 30 days have elapsed.

4.3 Did you submit your request within the past 6 months? 

Your request is considered abandoned if submitted more than 6 months ago.

What does this mean?

5. Did the issue arise within the last two years? 

The CAT may not accept your application if the issue did not occur within the last two years.

What does this mean?

The CAT can only accept applications that deal with issues that occurred within the last two years, as set out in the Condo Act.

A CAT Member may grant an extension if your issue occurred between two and three years ago. The CAT cannot grant extensions for disputes that occurred more than three years ago.

Extensions are not guaranteed. If the CAT does not grant you an extension, your $25 application filing fee will not be refunded.

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