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Glossary of CAT terms

This Glossary provides definitions for some of the most common words that parties will encounter during the Condominium Authority Tribunal’s  dispute resolution process.


Filing an application is the first step in resolving a dispute. Applicants file an application through the CAT’s online dispute resolution system to start a new CAT case.



The person that files an application with the CAT. This can be an owner, purchaser or mortgagee of a condo unit, or a condo corporation.



A case is a legal proceeding to resolve a dispute that has been accepted by the Tribunal.


Consent Order:

A Legally enforceable order that the CAT makes with the agreement of all of the parties. Consent Orders typically resolve all the issues in dispute and will close the case.



The final result of the case and the reasons based on the CAT Member’s judgement. A decision is legally binding and final.



Any document, piece of information, or other thing that a party uses to support their argument or position.



The process in Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision where the parties present evidence and make arguments to support their case to a CAT Member. After the hearing is over, the CAT Member will consider the evidence and arguments of the Users and makes a legally binding decision.



An Intervenor is a person or legal entity (including condo corporations) that have a right to participate in a CAT case.



A CAT Member who has been assigned to mediate a case in Stage 2 – Mediation.



A person that is assigned by the CAT to conduct a hearing and make a final decision on a case.



A legal direction or instruction given by a Mediator or Member that everyone must follow.



A person or legal entity typically listed as the owner of a condo unit at the Ontario land registry office.



Applicants, respondents, intervenors who participate in CAT cases, or any other person or legal entity granted party status by a CAT Member.



A person who acts on behalf of a party in a case.



A request occurs when a party asks the Mediator or Member to decide a case-specific issue or question.



A respondent is a person or legal entity that an applicant files a CAT case against.


Settlement Agreement:

An agreement between the parties that resolves the issues in dispute and closes the case. Settlement Agreements are generated automatically when all parties agree to a Settlement Offer in Stage 1 – Negotiation or can be issued by a Mediator or Member in Stage 2 – Mediation and Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision.


Settlement Offer:

A party’s proposal for how the issues in dispute can be resolved. Parties can exchange settlement offers in Stage 1 – Negotiation and can change their offer at any time.



A legal document created by the CAT that compels a witness to participate in a hearing or to provide evidence.



An individual who has information or evidence about the issues in dispute. Parties can propose to have witnesses provide evidence in Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision.

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