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Board of Directors

The CAO is governed by an independent Board of Directors, comprised of four elected directors and three ministerial appointed directors. Ministerial appointments are filled through a process administered by the Government of Ontario’s Public Appointments Secretariat. According to the CAO’s governing by-law, elected directors’ terms will be for staggered terms of one, two or three years, for business continuity purposes.

The CAO has established a skills-based board governance model. Elected directors are filled through a Nominating Committee process which evaluates and recommends candidates based on their skills and experience against the competency criteria established in Schedule D to the Administrative Agreement.

The Board of Directors provides part-time strategic direction to the organization’s business and operations to fulfil the CAO’s legislative and regulatory obligations. The Board operates according to a Code of Conduct (Schedule E in the Administrative Agreement) that governs the conduct of the CAO’s Board of Directors. It sets out guidelines for avoiding and disclosing conflicts of interest and keeping information confidential.

The Board is accountable for the performance of the CAO to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services through the Board Chair.

The Board has a standing Audit and Risk Committee, an ad hoc Nominating Committee, HR & and Governance Committee, Outreach Committee, and a Tribunal Advisory Panel comprised of 3 of the CAO Board members.

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