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Roles and responsibilities

What Owners Do

Owners have rights and responsibilities once they become part of a condo community. Owners may be faced with common condo living issues and should make attempt to solve any disputes collaboratively.


  • Owners must pay their condo fees, resolve issues collaboratively and expect their boards to carry out their duties in good faith.
  • Owners can requisition a meeting to call for changes in their community.

Raising issues

Owners who have concerns about the way the corporation is being run have several options:

  1. Writing a letter to the board or manager and request formal consideration of your concern. Provide as much detail as possible about the issue. The CAO also has email and letter templates you can use.
  2. Requisitioning an owners’ meeting to discuss things such as the removal and replacement of a director, changes to the condo’s rule, etc.
  3. Raising an issue at the Annual General Meeting, so long as the issues are relevant to the affairs of the corporation.

Check out Appendix D of the CAO’s Best Practices Guide: Governance to see a scoresheet that can help you assess your board’s performance.

Solving disputes

The CAO provides the information, tools, and templates to help condo communities resolve disputes collaboratively before they escalate. Owners and condo corporations can also file a case with the Condominium Authority Tribunal.

The CAT is a fully digital tribunal dedicated to resolving condo disputes through a fast, cost effective and fair three-stage dispute resolution process.

If your issue does not fall within the CAT’s jurisdiction you may consider seeking legal advice instead.

Roles and responsibilities

Owners can:

  • Seek election to the board
  • Requisition an owner’s meeting to discuss important matters in your community
  • Use amenities in accordance with the governing documents
  • Request and access condo records
  • Add items to owner’s meeting agendas

Owners should:

  • Attend and vote at owners’ meetings
  • Resolve issues collaboratively
  • Review and provide feedback on materials provided by your condo corporation, such as information certificates, financial statements, reserve fund studies and any other communications they send to you

Owners must:

  • Abide by the governing documents
  • Notify your corporation if you lease your unit
  • Repair and maintain your unit in accordance with the Act and governing documents
  • Pay condo fees on time

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