The CAT process

This information is designed to help Users who are preparing to submit or join a case with the Tribunal. It describes the Tribunal’s process and tells you what to do before you file a case, how to file or join a case, and what happens next.

Before you file

1. Before you file a case with the CAT, you should make sure that you have read all the information about records issues on the CAO’s website. In addition to helping you learn more about records issues, this information will help you understand whether your dispute can be filed with the CAT.

2. You may also want to try using the suggested solutions to see if you can resolve your issue without filing with the CAT.

3. Consult the User Checklist: Filing a Records Case with the CAT before you file.

The CAT Process

The CAT dispute resolution process has five main steps. Please click on each step below for more information and FAQs.

1. Filing a case

In this stage, you will tell us who is involved in the case, and what the case is about

2. Joining a case

In this stage, the other User will join the case. Once they have joined, you will automatically move to the Negotiation Stage

3. Negotiation

In this stage, Users can try to resolve the case between themselves

4. Mediation

In this stage, a CAT Mediator will join the case and will help the Users resolve the case

5. Tribunal Decision

In this stage, a CAT Member will join the case and will make a decision that the users must follow

After your case

Depending on how your case is resolved, you may have different options

To learn more about the CAT’s rules and policies, please visit our CAT Rules and Policies page.