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Issues and Solutions

Guided Steps to Common Issues

In this section, you will find guided steps through self-help resources that can help you address some common issues with condominium living.

Compliance with Settlement Agreements

Find out what can be done if the other User does not comply with your CAT settlement agreement.

Condo Managers

How to address a concern you may have with your condo Manager.


Learn how to address harassment issues in your condo community.


Learn more about different types of infestations and what you can do to resolve them.


Learn what you can do when unwanted light is entering your condo.


Have a concern with how your condo conducts meetings? Here is how to proceed.


Noise complaints are one of the most common condo issues. Find out what you can do about it.


Complaints about unpleasant or unwanted odours are a common condo issue. Find out what can be done.

Parking & Storage

Learn where owners and residents are allowed to park their vehicles and store their personal property.

Pets & Animals

For many people, Pets are members of the family, but they can cause issues for other residents.


Disagreements about the right to access records and/or the quality of records being kept.

Short-term Rentals

People renting condos short-term can sometimes lead to issues in condo communities. Find out what you can do.

Smoke & Vapour

Learn what you can do if unwanted smoke and vapour is entering your condo.


Learn about the presence or operation of vehicles in your condo community and what you can do when they are disruptive.


Learn how to address vibration issues in your condo community.

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