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Condo Managers

How to Address Issues with a Condo Manager

Condominium corporations hire licensed condo management providers for services like creating and maintaining records, responding to owners’ issues, managing complaints and more. What can corporations and owners do when relations between managers and the community do not run smoothly?

Step 1. Identify the issue

A condo manager is a professional who is licensed by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario under the Condominium Management Services Act. The condo manager performs condo management services that can include:

  • Collecting common expense fees
  • Making payments on behalf of the corporation
  • Negotiating or entering contracts on behalf of the corporation

You can request the management agreement between the condo corporation and the management company or the employment contract of the condo manager to get more details on their duties.

Note the difference between a condo manager and a superintendent. A superintendent’s tasks usually relate to the maintenance of the premises and can include performing or arranging for general building and fixture repairs and supervising general building maintenance. A superintendent can be an employee of the condo corporation or can offer services on a contractual basis, either individually or through a company.

Examples of issues with condo managers:

Inaction on day-today operations

Non-compliance with the law or the condo’s governing documents

Lack of communication on key matters

Conflicts of interest with service providers

Lack of proper maintenance in common areas

Unexplained increases in maintenance fees

Abuse of power


Misappropriation of funds

Improper bidding procedure

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