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Condo managers

Step 2 – Legal Considerations

Duties are set out in a contract between the condo management company and the condo corporation or an employment agreement if the condo manager is hired as an employee of the condo corporation. Arrangements vary by condo corporation and condo management company.

Condo managers may be responsible for:

  • Creating and maintaining records for the corporation
  • Responding to owners’ inquiries, issues and complaints
  • Coordinating the maintenance and repair of the condo property and regular inspection
  • Hiring and monitoring the performance of service providers, including staff and contractors
  • Collecting common expenses and coordinating follow up for unpaid amounts
  • Implementing an emergency management plan and responding to emergencies
  • Reporting on the affairs of the corporation on behalf of the condo board
  • Organizing board and owners’ meetings and issuing applicable meeting notices
  • Preparing financial reports and arranging for audits
  • Preparing status certificates
  • Monitoring the corporation’s insurance
  • Drafting annual budgets and advising the board on its financial responsibilities such as contributions to the reserve fund and long-term reserve planning
  • Advising and assisting the condo corporation or board in complying with the Condo Act.

Condo corporations are legally required to take action to address contraventions of the Condo Act or the corporation’s governing documents.

What does the Condo Act say?

Section 56 (1) (d) of the Condo Act allows condo corporations to create by-laws that govern the appointment, remuneration, duties and process for removal of employees of the corporation including condo managers.

Section 56 (1) of the Condo Act allows condo corporations to create by-laws to govern the management of the property.

Section 17(3) of the Condo Act requires condo corporations to ensure that everyone, including condo managers, complies with the Condo Act and the condo corporation’s governing documents.

Section 17.0.1 of the Condo Act states that a corporation must not enter into an agreement with a condo management provider or a condo manager to receive condo management services unless the provider or manager is licensed under the Condominium Management Services Act.

Other legal considerations

Condo boards can hire a condo manager via a contract between a condo corporation and condo management company. The duties, responsibilities, remuneration and other aspects are set out in a management agreement and the condo management company arranges to provide services through one or more individuals. The condo manager, in this case, is not an employee of the condo corporation but instead an employee of the condo management company.

Condo management companies must also be licensed by the CMRAO and are listed in their condo registry.

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