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CAO Guide to Requesting Core Records

Condo corporations are required by law to keep core records of certain activities related to the operation of the corporation.

Learn which records are considered core, how to access them and the five-step process for requesting a copy.

What is a core record?

Core records include the corporation’s governing documents such as declarations, by-laws, rules, record of owners and mortgagees, minutes from board and owners’ meetingsfrom the last twelve months and current fiscal year budgets.

Which records can I request?

Owners, purchasers and mortgagees are entitled to review most records except those related to employment history, litigation and specific owner information.

How can I request a record?

You can request copies of or access to your condo corporation’s records by filling out the request for records form.

You can send requests for records to your condo corporation by:

  • Mail
  • Courier
  • Placing it in the mailbox
  • By fax or email if the condo corporation receives requests by fax or email

Five-step process for requesting core records

  1. Requester submits request
  2. Condo corporation responds to request
  3. Requester review response
  4. Condo corporation provides record
  5. Requester receives record


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