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CAO Guide to Condo Records

Need a copy of your condominium corporation’s records? You can request access to certain records or ask your condo corporation for a copy.

Types of condo records

The Condo Act requires condo corporations to keep core and non-core records. The guide provides more detail on what these are, the timelines that each should be kept for as well as other differences.

Which records can I request?

Owners, purchasers and mortgages are entitled to review and access most records except those relating to litigation, employee information and some specific information on owners or units.

How to request records

Owners, purchasers and mortgagees and their agents can request copies of or access to their condo corporation’s records by filling out the request for records form.

Requesters can send their requests for records to their condo corporation by:

  • Mail
  • Courier
  • Placing it in the mailbox
  • By fax or email if the condo corporation receives requests by fax or email


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