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How to appoint a proxy

Proxy Forms and Sample Proxy Forms

Condominium corporations host owners’ meetings to discuss and vote on important matters. The CAO encourages owners to attend these meetings, but we understand that this may not always be possible. Owner’s that can’t attend can appoint anyone to act on their behalf in these meetings. These individuals are called proxies and they may be able to participate or vote depending on the kind of appointment they get from an owner.

Owners must use the forms on this page to appoint proxies and generally make sure they follow their condo’s specific processes as well. Owners should also make sure to speak to their proxy before any meetings.


Review the meeting notice

Condo corporations send notices to owners notifying them of any upcoming owners’ meetings. Make sure to read these carefully so you can understand when the meeting is happening, what will be discussed and if any important votes are taking place. Understand all the materials from these notices well so you can provide you proxy with the right instructions on what to vote for or listen to during the meeting. Make sure to speak to your proxy directly so they understand your position on what will happen in the meeting. 


Determine which kind of proxy you would like to appoint

Empower your proxy to act on your behalf by filling out this important section found on page two of your proxy.

First Box

Your proxy can only count towards quorum and can't vote

Second Box

Your proxy counts towards quorum and can only vote on routine procedure matters like motions to move discussion or adjourn.

Third Box

Your proxy counts towards quorum and can vote on anything, either with or without your instructions, including removing directors, adopting by-laws and rules, etc.


Select the topic you want your proxy to vote on

Skip this if you don’t want your proxy to vote for you or make a selection at the bottom of page two of the form if you do. The options are as follows:

  1. Section 1 allows your proxy to elect candidates to board positions
  2. Section 2 allows them to elect candidates to board positions that only owners who live in the building may vote on
  3. Section 3 allows voting on specific issues
  4. Section 4 allows voting to removing directors

Each of the four selections above will enable new options depending on the selection that allow you to provide more detail for how you want your proxy to vote. Leave these additional sections blank if you want your proxy to decide how to vote on their own.


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