Owners’ Meetings

Meeting Notices

Condominium corporations hold both owner’s meetings and board meetings. Board meetings are not accessible to owners. The Condo Act has specific requirements to ensure the appropriate attendees are made aware of the timing and purpose of these meetings.


  • Corporations must send meeting notices to owners
  • Notices have specific requirements meant to equip owners with important information

Notices for Owners’ Meetings

Corporations must send out the following notices prior to an owners’ meeting:


  1. Preliminary Notice of Meeting must be delivered to owners at least 20 days before the Notice of Meeting. This notice will, among other things, let owners know that a Notice of Meeting will be coming, state the purpose of the meeting, and, if applicable, request that individuals interested in being candidates for director positions notify the board in writing.
  2. Notice of Meeting must be delivered to owners in writing at least 15 days prior to the day of the meeting. The Notice of Meeting of owners will include the date, time, and place of the meeting. It must also identify the business to be discussed, among other things. No vote can take place on any item, other than routine procedure, that was not disclosed in the Notice of Meeting.

Content of notices

The exact content of the notices will depend on the nature of the meeting. For example, if a corporation was sending a Notice of Meeting for the annual general meeting, the notice would also include the board approved financial statements, auditor’s report, and the names of candidates for any board elections including their candidate disclosure statements. Owners and any other potential meeting attendees should carefully review the meeting notices they receive from the corporation to ensure that they are aware of and prepared for what will be taking place at the meeting.

Both the Preliminary Notice of Meeting and the Notice of Meeting must be delivered via mandatory forms.

Notices for Board Meetings

Board meetings are where the board conducts condo business and generally the owners do not attend. As such, the Condo Act sets out specific requirements to notify board members of any upcoming board meetings:

  • Notice must be sent to all directors and must contain the time and place of the meeting as well as the topics of business that will be discussed or voted on.
  • Notice must be given at least 10 days before the board meeting unless the corporation’s by-laws specify otherwise.

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