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Owners’ Meetings

Voting Rights

Owners have the right to take part in the shared governance of their condo community and can exercise this right by voting on important issues at owners’ meetings. They do this primarily by voting for board directors who represent their interests. Owners can’t vote if they are behind on paying their condo fees by 30 days or more, but can vote as soon as they catch up on payments. They may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf.


  • Owners may vote at any owner’s meeting, including AGMs, owner requisitioned meetings and turn-over meetings
  • A representative called a “proxy” can vote on behalf of an owner who can’t attend a meeting

Voting methods

A vote can be a contentious moment in a meeting and corporations need to prepare appropriately by communicating voting information to owners ahead of time.

Votes at AGMs and other owners’ meetings can be cast personally or by proxy by:

  • A show of hands
  • Marking a ballot
  • By phone or virtually
  • Marked on an form appointing a proxy

Vote by proxy

Owners can let someone else vote for them if they can’t attend at meeting. This individual is called a proxy and they are appointed by the owner completing and signing a proxy form. The owner’s signature on the proxy form must match the name on the corporation’s record of owners. The proxy represents one vote for all owners of a unit.  

Voting at virtual meetings

Virtual solutions vary and each condo corporation should consider their unique needs. Some corporations may find that using a videoconferencing tool’s built-in features may suffice. Others may require using specialized third-party software. In either situation the voting process has to be fair, accountable, secure and allow for confidentiality. Corporations should collect feedback from owners and use it to address any challenges.




For a vote to take place on a matter outside of routine procedure it must be clearly outlined in the notice of meeting as per section 47 (8) of the Condo Act.

The procedures of meetings, including voting, is the same whether they are in-person, fully electronic or a hybrid of the two. View the Guide.

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