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Corporate Records

Meeting minutes

Meetings are one of the primary methods of communication between condominium boards and owners. Since not all owners reside in their units nor can they always attend all meetings, it is imperative that meeting organizers provide minutes not only as a courtesy but also as a legal record of proceedings.

Minutes should be a concise summary of discussions and decisions. Condo corporations must keep adequate minutes.


  • Condo boards and owners use minutes to record what happened at meetings
  • Condo corporations must keep records of minutes and owners can request them at any time

What are adequate meeting minutes

Minutes are a concise overview of what happened at the meeting. Adequate minutes of meetings should:

  • Be accurate
  • Include all decisions made and a reasonable summary of the business conducted. They should also include:
    • Date, time, and location
    • List of attendees
    • Record of votes or motions
    • Succinct description of business carried out
    • Note whether any officers were appointed
    • If any bylaws and rules were approved

Minutes do not need to be word-for-word transcriptions of what was said. After being drafted and approved, minutes are considered condo records that unit owners, mortgagees and purchasers can access.

Keeping meeting minutes

The Condo Act requires minutes to be taken at board meetings so information can be shared with those that are unable to attend.

Some meetings will have discussions on potentially sensitive matters. Condo corporations must withhold or redact confidential portions and prohibit their access.

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