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Delivering the Notice

Once the CAT accepts your application, your next step is to deliver the Notice to all Respondents (and to all Intervenors, if any). The Notice lets the other parties know you have filed a case with the CAT. It also includes instructions they will need to join the case and begin the dispute resolution process.

This step is very important, and your case cannot begin until the CAT knows that you have given the notice to the other parties.


User Guide

The CAT has developed a guide to help applicants deliver Notices.

  • Access the CAT’s Delivering the Notice Guide here: [WORD] [PDF]


Steps to Deliver a CAT Notice

Step 1. Download the Notice(s)

Once the CAT has reviewed and accepted your application, you will receive an email notification. Your first step is to access your case in the CAT-ODR system.

Once you’ve accessed the case, you can download the Notice.

If your application includes more than one Respondent or if it includes an Intervenor, each Notice will be unique and must only be provided to that party. Make sure that you download each Notice separately.


Step 2. Deliver the Notice(s)

Once you have downloaded the Notice(s), your next step is to deliver them. How you deliver the notices will depend on the identity of the recipient. You may deliver the notice using the methods outlined below.

If the recipient is a condo corporation:

  • Personally giving it to:
    • a member of the condo corporation’s board of directors; or
    • the condo’s manager
  • Sending it by regular mail to:
    • the condo’s address for service, as shown in the CAO’s Public Registry; or
    • the address for service for the condo’s manager or management service provider, as shown in the CAO’s Public Registry.

If the recipient is a unit owner:

  • Personally giving it to:
    • the unit owner; or,
    • an adult occupant/resident of the unit who confirms that the unit owner is also an occupant/resident.
  • Sending it by regular mail to:
    • the address for service for the unit owner, as shown in the condo’s record of owners and mortgagees; or,
    • the unit’s address, if there is no address for service listed in the condo’s record of owners and mortgagees.

If the recipient is an Occupant (i.e., they reside in the unit, but don’t own it):

  • Personally giving it to the Occupant; or
  • Sending it by regular mail to the unit’s address.

If you provided an email address for any of the recipients, the CAT-ODR system will automatically send a Notice to them at the email address you provided.

If they join with the case using the email Notice, that’s great! If they don’t join, however, you are still required to deliver the notice in-person or by regular mail, as set out in the CAT’s Rules of Practice.

This is why we recommend that you download and deliver a paper copy of the Notice as soon as possible.


Step 3. Tell the CAT how you delivered the Notice

After you have delivered the Notice, you must log back into your case and confirm how and when you delivered it. You can do this by clicking on the “Confirm Delivery” button.

Once everyone joins the case, it will automatically move into Stage 1 – Negotiation.

If someone doesn’t join, however, you will receive an email notification with instructions about what to do next.

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