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CAT Rules, Policies and Guides

Rules of Practice

These Rules outline how the Condominium Authority Tribunal operates, and what you need to know when you are involved in a dispute.

The CAT’s current Rules of Practice came into force on January 1, 2022 after being revised.

The CAT has also developed a new Practice Direction to provide more clarity about how it will approach ordering costs.


User Guides

Guide to Effective Negotiation
Provides best practices and explains advantages of solving disputes through Stage 1 – Negotiations.

Guide to Confidentiality.
Provides an overview of what is and is not confidential in a CAT case.

Guide to Respondents and Intervenors
Provides information on identifying respondents and intervenors in a case.


CAT-ODR System Guides

Filing an Application
Provides instructions for filing a new application with the CAT.

Delivering CAT Notices
Provides instructions for downloading CAT Notices and delivering
them to the others.

Joining a CAT Case
Provides instructions for how Respondents and Intervenors can join
CAT cases online.

Stage 1 – Negotiation
User guide for using the CAT-ODR system during Stage 1 – Negotiation.

Stage 2 – Mediation
User guide for using the CAT-ODR system during Stage 2 – Mediation.

Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision
User guide for using the CAT-ODR system in Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision.

CAT’s Representatives Guide
Provides an overview on how representatives can file, join, and participate in cases.


Member Conduct

The CAT has developed a comprehensive Ethical Framework and Code of Conduct to guide the conduct of its members:

CAT Ethical Framework

CAT Member Code of Conduct

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