Owner rights and responsibilities

A couple sitting against a pile of boxes and smiling at a tablet.Owning a condominium is different from owning a house because you are part of the larger condominium community.  You have rights and responsibilities for your unit as well as for common areas, such as the parking garage, hallways, and recreation centre.  You must also comply with the Condominium Act and the declaration, by-laws and rules of your condominium.  

Your rights

As a unit owner, you have the right to:

Your responsibilities

As a unit owner, you must:

  • follow your condominium’s declarations, by-laws, and rules.
  • repair and maintain your unit (condominium by-laws and rules may limit some of the things you can do in your unit).
  • pay a common expenses fee to the corporation. This fee includes special assessments, charge backs or liens.
  • not interfere with your neighbours’ quiet enjoyment of their units.