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How Condos Work

Condominiums are property complexes comprising of individual units that include shared possession of common elements. Common elements may include garages, elevators, lobbies, condo gyms, pools and more.

Condo boards are responsible for the condo’s governance and oversee managers that are hired to run daily operations. Some condo corporations are self-managed.

Condo units are owned by owners and may be rented out. Owners pay condo fees that corporations use to insure the building, maintain common elements, fund reserve funds and more.


  • Condo living is community living and involves collaboration and co-operation
  • Condo communities should understand their corporation’s governing documents.

What is a governing document?

Ontario condos are governed by their “governing documents.” Together with the Condo Act, these documents dictate what’s permitted in condo living.

The documents are:

What are condo operations?

The Condo Act requires that condo corporations comply with several operational requirements. These include:

  • Handling requests for residents
  • Maintaining records
  • Maintaining the property of the condo corporation

Condo boards may hire a licensed condo manager to oversee day-to-day operations and carry out these duties.

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