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Parking and storage

Step 3: Solutions

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue.

Identify who is causing the issue

Investigate the cause of the issue, including by speaking to those who reported it. If a resident is causing the issue, determine if that they are an owner or occupant by checking the record of owners and mortgagees or the corporation’s record of leased units.

Contact the individual causing the issue

Speak to whomever is causing the issue. They may not be aware, so speaking to them about it may resolve the issue quickly.

You can also send a templated letter if you are uncomfortable speaking to them or if you have spoken to them and it has not worked. You will find templates at the bottom of this page. Make sure to keep copies of any letters you send them.

Here is where to direct the letters:

In this initial communication, you may want to identify:

That they can formally request accommodation, if applicable

The provisions they may have violated

How they can resolve the issue

The board’s next steps if the issue continues

Your condo’s governing documents may set out a specific timeframe for resolving the issue. If they do not, you should give the owner or occupant a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue.

Follow up

Send a follow up letter if the other party does not respond to you after a reasonable amount of time passes after you send the first letter. Keep copies of any follow-up as well.

Determine what to do next

Depending on how the owner or occupant responds, you could:

  • Call a meeting to discuss how the issue could be resolved with the owners and anyone else affected
  • Learn more about how to handle a request for accommodation if a resident requests one.
  • File an application with the Tribunal

Use our sample parking and storage letter templates for condo corporations

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