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Governing Documents

Accommodating Disabilities

Condo communities in Ontario must comply with the province’s Human Rights Code. Housing providers have to provide accommodation up to the point of undue hardship.


  • Residents can make accommodation requests such as physical alteration to buildings under Ontario’s Human Rights Code

What is the Human Rights Code?

The Code is a provincial law that gives everyone equal rights and opportunities without discrimination in areas such as jobs, housing, services, facilities and contracts. The Code’s goal is to prevent discrimination and harassment due of race, sex, disability, age and 13 other protected grounds.

Not all unfair treatment and harassment is covered by the Code. Please visit the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s website for more information on protected grounds and social areas.

Contact the Human Rights Legal Support Centre if you believe you have been the victim of discrimination under the Human Rights Code.

Contact the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario if you believe that your condo corporation is discriminating against you.

What is the Accommodating Ontarians with Disabilities Act?

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act is a legislation that aims to remove barriers for people with disabilities. The law is applicable to all organizations in the province with one or more employees.

AODA requires these organizations to establish a minimum level of accessibility by:

  • Creating accessibility plans and policies
  • Allowing access to service animals and support persons under certain conditions
  • Providing accessible communications

Physical accessibility requirements are covered in Ontario’s Building Code. Requirements such as barrier-free washrooms, automatic power door operators, visual fire alarms, apply to most new construction and extensive renovations only.

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