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Condo Managers

Step 3: Find Solutions

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue and reviewed your legal obligations.

Many condo managers and condo management companies appreciate having the opportunity to learn about service concerns and to take steps to address them such as rearranging duties or assignments and otherwise working with their condo client to improve the situation.

A condo corporation typically engages legal services if considering terminating the services of their condo manager or condo management company.

Keep track of the issue

Keep a record of what you’ve been experiencing with as much detail as possible.

Date and time

Type of issue

Any other details that may be relevant

Contact the condo manager and discuss the issue among board directors

Speak to your condo manager. Speaking to them about the issue may resolve it quickly. You can find tips on how to have productive conversations about performance with condo managers in the CAO’s Best Practices Guide: Overseeing Condominium Managers.

If that does not work, remember that boards have the power to terminate a management provider’s contract. The guide provides best practices for this as well.

Follow up

Follow up with if you’ve given them a reasonable opportunity to respond but the issue has not been resolved.

What if these self-help tools don’t resolve my issue?

You may wish to contact the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario about filing a complaint if you have explored all other options regarding an issue with your condo manager or condo management service provider.

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