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Condo Managers

Step 3: Find Solutions

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue and reviewed your legal obligations.

Keep track of the issue

Keep a record of what you’ve been experiencing with as much detail as possible

Date and time

Type of issue

Any other details that may be relevant

Contact the condo manager or condo board

You can request a meeting with your condo manager or board or request the name of the person responsible for managing your condo corporation. You should also understand the roles and duties of a condo manager.

Speak to your condo manager or board member about your issue. Speaking to them about the issue may resolve it quickly.

You may wish to request an owners’ meeting if no resolution is found after contacting your condo board and if other owners are experiencing the same issue with the condo manager.

Remember condo owners cannot terminate a management agreement or a condo manager. It is ultimately the board’s responsibility.

Use one of our letter templates if you do not feel comfortable speaking to your condo manager or board in person or if you’ve spoken to them already and the issue has not been resolved. Copy the condo board or corporation to notify them of the issue and give them an opportunity to address it. Keep a copy, noting the date and time.

Follow up

Follow up with if you’ve given them a reasonable opportunity to respond but the issue has not been resolved.


What if these steps don’t resolve my issue?

You may be able to file an application with the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario if you’ve tried all the steps above and the issue hasn’t been resolved.

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