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As a condo owner, you have responsibilities beyond the boundaries of your unit. With so many bylaws, rules, and policies, condo living can sometimes be overwhelming.

In this section, you will find resources designed to help you enjoy life in your condominium community.

Condo Buyer's Guide

Condominium Forms

The Condominium Authority of Ontario hosts various mandatory forms required under the Condominium Act, 1998.

Proxy Overview and Sample Forms

The CAO provides proxy resources, including sample forms and instructions, to help you appoint a proxy to attend a meeting on your behalf.

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems 

The CAO provides an overview of the recent amendments to regulations under the Condominium Act, 1998 regarding the installation of electric vehicle charging systems. The CAO also provides a step-by-step guide that describes the installation approval process in detail, and helpful templates for owners and condominium boards.

Presentation resource for
Condominium Boards and Managers

The CAO is pleased to provide a helpful slide deck for use at board meetings or for discussions with owners and residents.

How-to guides and letter templates

Guides and templates that can help you address an issue to a neighbour, condo manager or board of directors.

How to create or migrate your CAO account and manage condo corporation profiles

Learn how to set up an account with the CAO, migrate an existing one to our new system and manage condo corporation profiles.

Condominium law changes

An outline of the changes to Ontario’s condo laws.

Ministry News 

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ announcements regarding Ontario’s condominium sector.

Owner-Requisitioned Meeting Template 

The CAO has created a template that owners may use to requisition a meeting. This template can be accessed, filled out and delivered to the condominium corporation by the requisitionists. Please note that using the CAO’s template as the requisition is not mandatory under the Condominium Act, 1998.