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Director Training Overview

Login Instructions

Create an account with the CAO. The training is mandatory for directors, but we encourage condo owners and others to take it. If you are a condominium director, first check whether you have received an email invitation to create an account from the CAO, and if you have, please follow the instructions included in the email. An email invitation is sent when a director is added by the condo corporation to the corporation’s profile through filing a Condo Return or a Notice of Change.

Click here for easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to create a CAO account. 

To complete the training, please log in to your CAO account using the email address that was provided to the CAO by your condo corporation. Do not create a second account or use a different email address to access the training. If you do, the system will not be able to automatically track whether you have completed the training. 

If you do not follow these instructions, any training you complete may not be captured by the system as part of your completion record and therefore, you may have to repeat the training using a proper CAO account.

Director Training Overview

Information about Director Training 

Condominium directors have important responsibilities. That’s why the CAO provides mandatory training that the government has mandated all directors complete:

  • Within six months of being appointed, elected or re-elected
  • Once every seven years

Our online training is mandatory for directors and is available to anyone at no additional cost. 

The training consists of 21 e-modules covering important topics. Modules are easy to follow and include knowledge checks. The entire training will take between three to six hours to complete and can be taken at your own pace. 

CAO has also released advanced optional training on six important topics. This training is best taken in conjunction with CAO’s Best Practices Guides that provide in-depth information on each of the six topic areas. 

The guides and training modules are being piloted for the first time in 2022.  We encourage you to please let us know what you think by completing the feedback surveys, available for the guides.

Director Training Overview

Directors who don’t complete their training are immediately and automatically disqualified and cease to be a director. 

The CAO does not have the authority to extend the six-month deadline under any circumstances.  

According to the Condo Act, a director who does not complete the mandatory training within the six-month deadline automatically ceases to be a director. The corporation must file a Notice of Change with the CAO to remove the ceased director from the corporation’s profile. The CAO Public Registry will automatically reflect this change. 

Corporations must notify owners of any changes in the board of directors through an Information Certificate Update and identify any ceased directors who have not yet stepped down in its next Periodic Information Certificate as described in Section 11.1 and 11.2 of these regulations

The board may appoint a director until an election can be held at the next annual general meeting. 

If the board no longer has quorum, the remaining directors must call and hold a meeting of the owners to elect the required number of directors within 30 days of losing the quorum. 

If all the directors on the board missed the mandatory training deadline, the corporation no longer has a board of directors and therefore an owner must call a meeting of the owners to elect a new board of directors. 

Yes, but only after they complete the mandatory director training. They can then be appointed or elected to the board again.
Our modules are fully accessible and can be taken online from anywhere, including public libraries or public computers. Speak with your condo management company to get support or get in touch with the CAO directly. 
The Advanced Training is optional, however, this advanced training has been requested by condo directors and is being provided by the CAO to enhance condominium boards’ skills and knowledge.Directors must complete only the mandatory training within six months of being elected, appointed, or re-elected. The foundational mandatory training is a pre-requisite and must be taken prior to accessing the optional advanced training modules 

Director Training Overview


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